Mongolia trekking team
Mongolia Trekking team
Mongolia Trekking team
Mongolia Trekking team
Mongolia Trekking team
Mongolia Trekking team
Mongolia Trekking team

Our Team

Meet Your Tour Guides

Our guides are the lifeblood of Mongolia Trekking. They come from different walks of life and possess different skills but one quality they have in common is the passion for travel and their belief in tourisms’ positive effects for the country.
Their dynamic personalities, knowledge and experience will make your experience and we believe one of the reasons why the majority of our clientele comes through “word of mouth”.


Batbayar (Bat) English and Russian speaking guide

I am currently acting as the managing director which in fact means creating new itineraries, writing emails and eventually guiding a few tours during the short but intense travel season (June-Sep).

In 1995, still a university student I was hired as an interpreter by an adventurous Kiwi called John Grant from a NZ town of Papakura. However odd it may sound, he aimed to find a yeti as 4 years earlier sighting of the mystical creature in Western Mongolia had been reported. At the end of a month of mountain travel both on foot and horseback I realized what I loved the most – travel.

Today after 20 years, almost every time I plan a new itinerary I still get an urge to personally go and guide that very tour. And this is when I say to myself: “You still have a reason to stay in tourism”.

Ernst von Waldenfels Manager

I am a German freelance journalist and writer. It was in 2004 when I first came to Mongolia and fell in love with Mongolia and its people.

Years of living and travelling allowed me to co-author a guidebook titled: Mongolei: “Unterwegs im Land der Nomaden” which is meant to help German speaking travelers find their way around this amazing country.

Today I represent Mongolia Trekking in Europe and in summers I help to manage the company's operational routines while also guiding and managing my own canoeing tours. In the remaining time I live in Germany with my Mongolian wife and three kids.

Uuganbayar (Uga) English speaking guide

Traveling in natural environment is my biggest hobby. I inherited my love for outdoors from my grandfather, a ranger who would take me along on his duty in the woods of north eastern Mongolia when I was a small kid.
He also showed me the beauty of traditional knowledge of cognizing nature and wildlife which eventually brought me to travel industry. Since 2005 I have been involved in planning and organization of introductory tours of the homeland dedicated to children.
I genuinely believe that travelling in pristine nature, learning about own history and culture and experiencing traditional mores is a vital part of upbringing of the future generations. I wish kids taste the irresistible taste of adventure and even face challenges which coin true friendships and create unforgettable memories.

Gundsamba (Samba) English speaking guide

I grew up in the Mongolian countryside riding horses and herding cattle. Memories of these happy times come back to me each time I take travelers on treks and tours across Mongolia.
Guiding gives me a revitalizing break from my main occupation which is teaching in a university in the metropolitan city of Ulaanbaatar. It is an opportunity to meet different people from different cultures, show them around my country, discover amazing outdoors and do various activities.
After more than 10 years of professional guiding I realize it has become part of my life, a continuous adventure that inevitably draws you in, challenges and eventually rewards.

Battsengel (Tsinge) Russian and English speaking guide

Tsinge is a Russian and English speaking guide with a keen interest in wild animals, birds and fish.
There is no point asking him which part of Mongolia he likes the most. He just loves being out there and on the move, a need he satisfies during long off-season.
Within Mongolia Trekking Tsinge is responsible for coordinating tours and expeditions, although he sometimes leads groups to remote part of the Gobi desert or to the Altai mountain range in far western Mongolia.

Munkhdavaa (Mugi) German and English speaking guide

Travelling makes me happy because it always offers something new: new people, new topics of conversations and new insights.
Guiding a tour for me is alike to creating something tangible, the final beauty of which achieved through open minded approach and acceptance.
Befriending people from different walks of life, listening their stories and sharing my own is the most rewarding part of this great job.

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