Trekking Tours

We offer a wide range of trekking tours, especially in Western Mongolia, with the backcloth of the snow capped peaks of the Altai mountain range. Here, you will experience genuine wilderness, far from civilization, you will visit alpine lakes, stand on vast glaciers and just be awestruck by the sheer magnificence and beauty of this truly stunning landscape. Western Mongolia has a rich history of human habitation in the form of burial sites, rock carvings, deer stones and Turkic Stonemen.

We offer well planned trekking routes, with guaranteed stunning views, comfortable camping and cultural immersion, as this area is still inhabited by many Nomadic peoples of different cultural and ethnic traditions. Please feel free to examine in detail our various tours to find just the right one for you.

11 Days: 1,324 USD - 2,447 USD

“Tavan Bogd” literally meaning “The Five Holy” is a group of snow capped mountains, highest in Mongolia and which belong to a greater mountain range known as the Altai. Geographically, it is the remotest part of Mongolia with true pristine nature, abundant wildlife and interesting cultural heritage. Views here are dominated by vast glaciers, fast mountain rivers and lush alpine pastures where large flocks of yaks, goats and sheep graze. The culture of herding nomads here is authentic and rich. The area is also known as a treasure trove of human history with many a...

13 Days: 1,578 USD - 2,994 USD

A classical trekking tour in Kharkhiraa and Turgen mountain massif in north western Mongolia, a spectacular region of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, torrential rivers, saline and freshwater lakes. Locked out from the rest of the country the area's animal and plant life is unique. The trek route runs across alpine meadows, rugged mountain sides and 3000m high passes from top of which there open expansive views of mountains and deserts beyond them. Ethnic Khoton people accompany throughout the trek with their camels transporting food and camp. Except for just one ...