Horseback Riding Tours

Mongolia is still a horse riding nation and this tradition goes back millennia. Our horseback riding tours will take you to different parts of our vast country. The horse becomes your vehicle to enter a world of exciting freedom.

Mongolian nomads, whose remarkable horsemanship is unparalleled, act as your local guides and provide unique opportunity to closely experience nomadic mores and to learn about their symbiotic relationship with their animals, particularly with horses.

15 Days | 1,910 USD - 3,030 USD

The far west of Mongolia, dominated by Altai mountain range is a land of pristine nature, abundant wildlife and rich cultural heritage. Landscapes here comprise of vast glaciers, fast mountain rivers and lush alpine pastures where large flocks of yaks, goats and sheep graze. The country’s largest Muslim community sharing common origin with modern Turkish inhabits the region as well as a number of smaller ethnic groups that practice Buddhism and Shamanism. Their culture is authentic and their land is a treasure trove of human history with many ancient burials and r...

11 Days | 1,470 USD - 2,140 USD

Join hospitable Mongolian nomads for a horse trekking journey through North Eastern Mongolia, the birthplace of Chinggis Khan, founder of the Mongol empire. Supported by local herdsmen with their stocky horses, ride across wide open grasslands, wooded hillsides and lush river valleys typical to taiga forest ecosystem of eastern Siberia. Experience a wealth of historical evidence in the form of burials and rock carvings with many belonging to the Great Khan’s times; that remind visitors of the remarkable continuity of horseback, nomadic culture that has been unbrok...

14 Days | 1,905 USD - 2,320 USD

In the far north of Mongolia bordering with Russia lie taiga ecosystems dominated by woods primarily composed of larch trees and open valleys that resemble polar tundra. It is part of the Siberian permafrost ecosystem highly distinct from the steppe grasslands found in much of Mongolia. Due to isolated and inaccessible location the most pristine and unpopulated lands in whole Mongolia lie here. Equally authentic is the culture of the reindeer herders of whom there is just a couple of hundreds living in teepees and grazing their reindeer in taiga forest and on alpi...

10 Days | 1,441 USD - 1,841 USD

Ride majestic Bactrian camels across wide open spaces of the Gobi desert under clear blue skies of Mongolia. Experience one of the least densely populated regions on the Earth and imagine yourself a legendary explorer. Camp out under myriad of stars and absorb the inexhaustible energy of nature. Visit Gobi’s iconic attractions – Flaming Red Cliffs, Khongoryn Sand dunes and Yolyn Am canyon. Befriend local camel herders and experience the authentic tradition of pastoral livestock breeding, learn of their life and mores.