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Jake Poses (US)

On behalf of the six of us, I just wanted to thank you for organizing a fantastic trip to Mongolia.  We really enjoyed all aspects of our trip and thank you for working with us to design a trip that enabled us to see and explore so much of the great country in a short amount of time.  Also, Jack did a fantastic job as a guide, and we enjoyed spending time with the three drivers as well.  We all have said we will highly recommend this trip and working with your company to our friends back home.
Thanks for all the help,

Robert Li, Taipei, Taiwan

We spent four days on the grassland cycling, blue sky and white clouds + endless grassland + cattle, sheep, horse + knight, as the film landscape, grassland lunch, dinner, evening tents lights, as well as the team followed , It is too happy, with our tour guide strong and friendly, not yet finished planning to visit the next trip, this is a must come back to the place.

Wolfgang pfafl, Germany

We had an incredible trip on our MTB-Bikes with Bat Bayar as our guide.
He is very knowlegible about the history, the customs and the secrets of Mongolia.
He has organized an excellent team of specialists: the drivers, the cooks, the bicycle mechanic and the all around service to prepare the camps.
If you want to see the prooves, go to youTube and look for #club fred #quest for mongolian medal ..... and enjoy your time with Bat!

Bjørn Carlsen, Norway

We spent almost three weeks in Mongolia, divided into 2 parts. One part biking, and one part with trekking, incl. horse riding.  All was well organised and the guides were nice and knew what they was doing.  It is a beautiful country, so there is lots and lots to see and do.

Ronald Perlstein, USA

This was a fantastic adventure trip to Eastern Mongolia. We traveled in comfortable 4-wheel drive vans to rural area to see unique wildlife, domestic herds of animals, and the life style of local families. We stayed in a combination of gers and tents. The big surprise was the ability of our tour chef to prepare us outstanding meals that proved to be better that the food at most restaurants. Our guides were very knowledgable about Mongolian history, politics, geography, wild animal species, and nomadic life styles. I would love to do the same trip again.

Hayley Baxter, Australia

If you're thinking of taking this or a similar tour, even in the frigid winter months, read my review and book it in immediately. This was the single best experience I had in Ulaanbaatar.

Bat picked us up at our hostel on time at 8am, and drove us out though Mongolia's rugged countryside of white rolling ranges as the sun rose. We drove past villages sitting contained and street-less, just rising up in brightly coloured houses amid the snow. After about 40 minutes, we began the cross country descent to The Valley of Bogd Khan Mountain.

Initially, we hiked up to the cluster of gers nesting in the ice, their chimneys smoking, then made our way to the 6.5km track up Mt Bogd Khan (600m elevation). Bat was happy to go at my pace, which is hardly Olympic, and after stripping off several unnecessary layers--I'm from Australia, my snow hiking knowledge is about zero--we made a steady pace for the summit, passing through picturesque forests of larch and cedar, spotted with little squirrels darting between them as we climbed.

There were plenty of friendly UB locals of all ages about too, hiking the same trail in their usual street boots and coats, but don't think the trail is necessarily a breeze. I worked up a sweat by the summit, and my quads are feeling it today (I hiked this yesterday).

At the top of the mountain, you will find cairns strewn with prayer flags, bestowed with offerings of milk, vodka, sweets and so on. Moreover, you have a gobsmacking 360 degree view: to the south, the edge of the forest and the wild plains leading to the Gobi. To the north, the snowy peaks of Siberia proper. You can also see the bowl of the capital spread out below, usually covered in a halo of smog.

We explored all of this while eating our packed lunch (you'd need to have a huge stomach not to be satisfied with it) and drinking cups of hot tea. It is very cold at the top, and taking gloves off photos feels like dipping your hands into a bucket of ice, but it's worth it to take those shots. So sick it up and do it.

We leisurely descended (if you're a champion hiker though, that's the pace Bat will keep) and made our way off track to explore the remains of the Buddhist monastery, where Bogd Khan was placed under house arrest by the Chinese in 1920, until he was liberated by Russian Baron Ungern-Sternberg, thus kicking off a very interesting period of Mongolian history.

That concluded the trip. Bat dropped us back at our hostel on time, and said goodbye.

A final note about our tour guide, Bat: he is wonderful and sociable. He speaks better English than many native speakers, and he studied history at university, so make sure you mine him for information. Our heads are so full of fascinating facts and images of glittering snow in cedar forests that we can hardly contain them.

Now go book this hike, even if it is cold out.

Ali Riza, Turkey

My friend and I purchased a customized tour from Mongolia Trekking and I felt that I would not see and experience this much of Mongolia if I had not purchased the tour from this company. The guide was nice and helpful. Her English was very advanced and we never had any communication problem. The driver was hardworking, he sometimes helped the guide to spot the animals that we could not see. We went to Karakhorum and the Turkish museum nearby (46 km), we saw the wild (free) horses and climbed the hills to see ovoos...
It was worthed and we truely enjoyed the trip. The ger camps we stayed at were clean and well-equipped.

Brigitte & Mirjam, Sweden

Just a long day out if you live in Ulan Bator. The excursion offered beautiful views and the guide was very readable and knowledgeable.