Travel to Gobi desert and mountains of Central Mongolia. Vast arid plains, immense sand dunes and dinosaur fossil sites await you in the Gobi. In Central Mongolia you will visit the site of Chinggis Khan’s medieval capital – Karakorum. Its temples and museums will tell you the history of the largest land empire ever known. Explore natural and cultural sights and have their story told by your guide. Experience the nomadic culture which seemingly hasn’t changed for many hundreds of years.


  • Flaming Red Cliffs – world famous dinosaur fossil site
  • Khongoryn Els – largest sand dunes in Gobi desert
  • Amarbayasgalant monastery – most complete temple complex outside Ulaanbaatar
  • Karakorum – site of the medieval capital of Chinggis Khan
  • Erdene Zuu – earliest Buddhist monastery
  • Tsenkher hot spring
  • Museums and attractions of Ulaanbaatar
  • Meet with nomadic herdsmen
  • Overnights in traditional felt covered tents, known as ger
| Price range: 1,570 USD - 2,392 USD
| Dates: 2019 , 2020
| Difficulty rating: Easy

DAY 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar (UB)

And transfer to a 4 star hotel in the city center. Afternoon guided tour will introduce you to some of the city’s highlights: the Gandan Temple – Mongolia’s main Buddhist center, the central square with the memorial complex of Chinghis Khan and Zaisan hill on the city's edge for a panoramic view of UB. Then visit the National Museum introducing Mongolia's history from early humans to modern era or the unique collection of dinosaur fossils at Dinosaur Museum. The state Oracle museum displaying Buddhist artwork and religious masks and the Winter palace of last theocratic ruler of Mongolia is also worth considering. A folklore show of traditional music, throat singing and contortion will be followed by a welcome dinner. (Lunch, dinner / hotel)

DAY 2: Drive to Baga Gazryn Chuluu granite formations

Extensive granite rock formations surrounded by steppe habitat. Most of the way is on tar road which is then replaced by dirt tracks. Tonight we will settle in a seasonal hotel where instead of rooms you will be accommodated in traditional felt covered gers, also known as 'yurt'. Sanitary facilities are located separately. Throughout the journey you will stay in the kind of "ger camps". This afternoon we take a short hike in the granite formations of weird shapes, see birds and possibly wild animals. With extreme luck it is sometimes possible to spot wild sheep (Ovis Ammon). Dinner and overnight. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 3: Drive to Tsagaan Suvraga cliffs

Drive further south in to the desert. Vegetation quickly thins out and is replaced by vast barren plains. Occasionally you will see white tents of local herding population, their winter sheds and large flocks of sheep and goats, more seldom horses and camels. Our today’s destination is the limestone cliffs of Tsagan Suvraga formed by wind and water erosion. A part of an old sea bed the sedimentary rock here has different colors representing different geological times. On reaching the cliffs we take lunch in a ger camp nearby and explore the area on foot. From the top of the cliffs you will enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the desert expanses. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 4: Visit Yolyn Am canyon

A couple of hours travel further south will bring you to Dalanzadgad town, a sprawling capital of Mongolia’s largest province. After lunch we continue to Yolyn Am canyon. Literally meaning the “Eagle mouth”, the canyon shelters some snow and ice until late July. At the entrance there is a small museum, a modest introduction to the areas animal and plant life as well as some petrified wood and dinosaur eggs. A leisurely hike to the canyon heart will allow you spot a lot of small rodents, some Bearded vultures and with a bit of luck Wild mountain goats (capra sibirica) scaling steep rock walls. For dinner and overnight we make our way to a ger camp amidst vast open plains. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 5: Explore Flaming Red Cliffs and travel drive to Khongoriin Els dunes

This morning we explore Flaming Red Cliffs. Here in 1920-ies Americans unearthed the first samples of dinosaur eggs intact in their nests as well as hundreds of dinosaur skeletons among them of several new species. Hike through eroded ravines of red sandstone and make our own discovery. Then we continue Khongoriin Els dunes and settle in a ger camp not far from the dunes. Desert landscapes are especially beautiful in the evening light. At night you can enjoy myriads of stars that illuminate the dome of the Gobi sky. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 6: At Khongoriin Els dunes

The Khongoriin Els dunes are 120km long and 3 to 15km wide. From the foothill to the crest of the highest dunes is a good 200 meters. Local people refer to them as to the “Singing Dunes” due to the distinct propeller hum heard on windy days. Today we take an excursion to the dunes. Climbing the highest dune is a “ritual” that will allow you feel the immensity of the desert with spectacular views of its rugged ridges and vast plains. If wished you may also ride two humped Bactrian camels. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 7: Travel to “Tevsh” volcano

Leave the desert behind and we head north to Central Mongolia for which we will cross a couple hundred kilometers of endless arid plains and sandy tracts. Often people call such lands as the middle of nowhere. Around midday we stop at “Tevsh”, an extinct volcano and walk a rugged mountain to explore a unique gallery of rock carvings dated to 7th-1st century BC. They depict various animals, hunting and daily chore scenes of early humans. Tonight we stay in a ger camp nestled amidst the moonscape of a small group of granite formations. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 8: Drive to Karakorum

The 2nd son of Chinggis Khan built the capital of the Mongol Empire in the early 13th century. Largely an experiment of city building in a pre-dominantly nomadic culture, Karakorum as it was known then never became a fully functional capital before it was destroyed by invading Chinese Min Dynasty troops in late 14th century. Today the main attraction here is the Erdene Zuu monastery established in 16th century by a Mongol khan as part of his efforts to introduce Buddhism as the main religion. Subsequently, it was almost completely destroyed during anti-religion campaign of 1930-ies with just a dozen temples standing presently intact. We walk the monastery premises and take a glance at a few surviving artifacts of the old capital and perhaps some earthen hills nearby that still contain remains of the imperial capital. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 9: Drive to Tsenker hot springs.

Wooded mountains and lush meadows dominate today's landscape. Felt walled gers of herding Mongols and large flocks of grazing animals will be a common sight today. En-route we briefly stop at ruins of the 8th century capital of Uyghurs, people who presently inhabit the Xinjiang Region of China but in 9th century came to replace the mighty Turks who had ruled Central Asia for over 200 years. A sizable mud wall with remains of a watch tower can be found here today vaguely reminding of the former glory of the Uyghurs. Upon arrival at the springs we settle in a cozy ger camp where you can relax in a pool filled with the spring water. You may as well take a relaxing body massage for a small additional fee. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 10: Drive to Ogi Nuur lake

A small freshwater lake amidst hilly steppes. Other than just an overnight place, the lake is stopover point for migrating water birds such as Relic Gull, Whooper Swan and several species of geese and ducks. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 11: Drive to Moilt Eco camp

This low impact ger camp is located at the confluence of Khanui & Balig rivers at the foothill of Dolankhan mountain. The vast spaces of wilderness here are comprised of grassy valleys, wooded mountains, fast mountain rivers and canyons. A small number of local herders that live here depend on large flocks of sheep, goats, horses and yaks. This secluded and uniquely spectacular area became accessible to travelers only three years ago and a wise policy of preserving its wilderness is being enforced by the camp administration. Dinner and overnight upon arrival at the camp. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 12: A day of activities based at the Moilt Eco camp

Accompanied by local guides you may ride horses, hike various trails, explore 3000-5000 year old rock carvings, practice archery skills, fish depending on season and visit local herding families. This will be a first-hand experience of a culture so different from that of the West and almost surely the most interesting part of your time at the camp. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 13: Drive to Amarbayasgalant Monastery

Rightfully one of the best preserved Buddhist architectural complexes in Mongolia, it was built in the first half of 18th century by the decree of Manchu Chin dynasty king, then overlord of Mongolia. It shared the destiny of all Buddhist establishments that were ruthlessly destroyed during political upheavals of 1930-ies with just a dozen of temples surviving to these days. We spend some time in the peaceful premises of the monastery observing life of local monks and then continue to our last ger camp on the tour for dinner and overnight. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

DAY 14: Return to Ulaanbaatar

Today we drive back to UB. This travel across wooded mountains and fertile soils of northern Mongolia is rather uneventful. Upon arriving in UB take a well deserved rest at your hotel before meeting your support team at good-bye dinner. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / hotel)

DAY 15: Departure transfer

Transfer to airport for your return flight home. (Breakfast)


2018 dates Status Available spaces Price
 15 July - 29 July, 2018 2 to guarantee
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12 spaces USD 1,570 - USD 2,392
Pp twin occ. + USD 240 for sgl. occ.
 04 Aug - 18 Aug, 2018 2 to guarantee
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 03 Aug - 17 Aug, 2019 2 to guarantee
5% off for 2 first sign ups
12 spaces USD 1,570 - USD 2,392
Pp twin occ. + USD 240 for sgl. occ.
Price Includes:
  • All accommodation: hotel (2 nights), ger (12 nights)
  • Indicated meals & drinking water
  • All visits, sightseeing, national park and permit fees
  • Overland transport (Japanese 4WD)
  • Airport transfers
  • English speaking guide
Price Excludes:
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not indicated
  • Drinks & Alcohol
  • Optional activity fees (camel and horse riding)
  • Gratuities


Jake Poses (US)

On behalf of the six of us, I just wanted to thank you for organizing a fantastic trip to Mongolia.  We really enjoyed all aspects of our trip and thank you for working with us to design a trip that enabled us to see and explore so much of the great country in a short amount of time.  Also, Jack did a fantastic job as a guide, and we enjoyed spending time with the three drivers as well.  We all have said we will highly recommend this trip and working with your company to our friends back home.
Thanks for all the help,

Paula & Damian (Germany)

Hello Batbayar!

Sure! It was a blast! We had a great great time!
Nara was the best guide we could have had!

All the best!

Grace Kok (Singapore)

Dear Batbayar,
I wish to compliment on your staff for an excellent job completed. As this is my very first adventurous trip to the open land, I am very impressed with their performance.
Guide Bood : Excellent English speaking and considerate.  Understood the needs and co-ordinates every detailed arrangements well throughout the whole trip.  
Drivers Gonchit and Deegi: Display of stunning and careful driving skills and road knowledge.  In times of difficulties - for example having to cross over muddy paths and stream of waters - they drove with confidence.  I am inspired with awe.
Please convey this compliments to them for a great job done. Indeed, your service and staff deserve recognition and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my other friends who wish to visit Mongolia.
All the best!


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