Cycling Tours

This is an exciting way to experience Mongolia. When on a bike you have the same pace as that of local nomads whose lifestyle has not changed much for many hundreds of years. It also helps you sense and appreciate the pristine natural environment and true wilderness. Today, we offer over a dozen great cycling routes that can be adapted to riders of different physical abilities and experience. They can be extended, shortened or combined; listed here are three signature tours that take place in four different parts of Mongolia.

No tour is complete without a professional support routine which we have perfected over the years. You will be accompanied by expert guides, bike mechanics, drivers and cooks; all equipped with modern outdoor equipment made for the wilderness conditions of Mongolia. We provide well maintained 27.5 30 speed mountain bikes with front suspension, hydraulic brakes and a mix of Shimano SLX and Deore components.

6 Days: 782 USD - 1,163 USD

The cycling tour is a leisurely exploration of Khan Khenty strictly protected area which marks the southernmost tip of Siberia and is covered with pine and cedar forests. This 2mln hectare region is home to all typical animals of Siberia: from squirrels and sables to bears and deer. The tour offers an inmost access to raw natural beauty as well as close insight to the life of nomadic herders. Significantly, in this very part of Mongolia, Genghis Khan was born, grew up and ascended his throne 800 years ago. A near real reenactment of Mongols’ life of his time can b...

8 Days: 1,279 USD - 2,080 USD

An exploration of the Gobi desert proper via a unique route that allows you avoid extreme heat, dust storms and loose soils – the usual conditions that prevail here. Gobi’s awe inspiring immensity is felt even more vividly when you are on a bike and its rugged beauty is starker. Visit a world renowned dinosaur fossil site and the country’s largest sand dunes. Enjoy relaxing nights in luxurious ger hotels.

13 Days: 1,466 USD - 2,504 USD

Cycle from fertile hills in the north to the Khangai mountain range in central Mongolia. The steady-paced and fully vehicle-supported cycling tour allows you easy acclimatization and gradual increase of physical challenge yet remaining suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders. You will always ride on country car tracks with predominant packed surfaces. Behold timeless scenery straight out of Genghis Khan‘s times pedaling past traditional nomadic homes and huge herds of horses, sheep and goats. Travelling by bike, at the same pace as the local nomads...

14 Days: 1,802 USD - 2,665 USD

This classic of mountain biking is SW to East traverse of the Khangai mountain range that covers nearly fifth of the country’s territory. This region dominated by dome shaped mountains, mixed woods, clear streams and lush grassy valleys receives abundant rainfall compared to all other parts of Mongolia. The Khangai mountain range is an immense mountain biking playground with fantastic packed soils, diverse terrain and spectacular landscapes. The nomadic culture here is authentic. Almost every day you see flocks of grazing yaks, sheep, goats and horses, meet hospit...